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We don’t just have the best meals, but we also have a standard and Modernized Banquet Hall to cater for your occasions. The Banquet Hall is situated in the second floor of our restaurant and it is perfect for all your occasions including Weddings, Baptisms, Graduations, Communions, Birthdays, Sweet 16s, and also Business Gatherings. 

The Hall is fitted with state-of-the-art Audio, Video, and other Media Equipment. The Hall is designed for a Capacity of 200 people and it is absolutely gorgeous. The quality in our service is hard to miss and we are poised to add glamorous, long-lasting memories to your events. 

We have highly trained and courteous professionals who will attend to every detail and treat you and guests like royals. Combine our tastefully designed Banquet Hall with our Delicious Meals and you are sure to have the best experience yet.


The Cathedral, hence our provision for superb facilities to make your wedding ceremonies as memorable as ever. Indulge in our surreal ambience where you, your spouse, and family can get to soak in the pure taste of love and affection.

We are all about giving you the wedding of your dreams, and we have stopped at nothing to make this a palpable reality. Whether you need courteous attendants to wait upon your guests and family with love and cheerfulness, or you need state of the art equipment to echo and reverberate your favorite songs and media content, we have you all covered.


Baptisms usually signify a significant religious landmark in the life of anyone. At this point, you as a parent or guardian are especially proud of your ward’s achievement and it is very natural that you want to do the best thing for them.

We solemnly share in this defining time and we take pride in making all the baptismal ceremony essentials available for you and your loved ones. Your wards will have a lot to thank you for if you make use of our impeccable hall services.


Communion are important fragments of existence and relationships and they don’t deserve to held in shabby places. Our halls can get solemn when you need them to be, and we believe this is the kind of ambience you may want for your communions and meetings.


We know all too well what it means for a lovely young lady to come of age, and we are happy to be a part of the landmark celebration. Guide your daughters and loved ones into adulthood in the most memorable way possible and we can guarantee that you cannot be let down in any way with the offerings of our delectable hall services. Sweet 16 ceremony happens only once in a lifetime, and we agree with you that it deserves all the colors, giggles, and fun that you can get.

We want you to etch the most captivating memories in your daughters and we can ensure you that they will forever thank you for it.


Whether high school, College, or just about any Institutions, we believe that graduations are meant to be glamorously celebrated amidst loved ones. Revel in the beautiful display of love, appreciation, and gratitude that characterizes our hall decoration for your graduation ceremonies. 

We know you have worked hard and you completely deserve to celebrate your success and graduation in a place where your achievements are valued and held in high esteem.


Business gatherings such as Annual General Meetings, Situation Reports, Interviews, and others needs to be held in places that accentuates their important. This is the kind of environment we will provide for you and your company at The Cathedral.

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